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CSP Head Office, Sasi Arcade
The Computer Society of Pakistan (CSP) is the national organization of Information Technology professionals in the country. It was established in 1973 to promote the use of computers, increase general awareness among the public and to look after the professional interests of the IT personnel in the country.

The Society holds lectures, seminars and technology forums which provide an excellent platform for the interaction of professionals. It organizes annual computer exhibitions and software competitions all over the country with the objective of fostering a better future for IT in Pakistan.

The Computer Society of Pakistan sponsors students to take part in the international software competitions in various countries as well as organizes various programs for the youth. The current membership of the Society is over 2000 professionals working in over 350 public and private sector organizations.

The head office of the Society is located in Karachi with chapter offices in

Aims & Objectives

  • To facilitate the professional advancement of personnel engaged in Information Technology (IT) and related occupation.
  • To promote knowledge of the development and use of IT equipment and related techniques.
  • To provide facilities for exchange of information and views of IT equipment and related techniques.
  • To foster and encourage high standards of professional ethics and conduct among its members.
  • To prescribe professional qualifications and to conduct examinations for members and others in the field of IT.

  • Achievements

    Several important issues addressed by the Computer Society of Pakistan over the years are as under:

    • Computer allowance approved by the government for computer professionals was implemented in many institutions through the help of the committee setup by CSP in this connection.
    • Standardization of computer education.
    • Software Piracy and Copyright issues in Pakistan.
    • Rationalization of duty and sales tax on computers.
    • Declaring software as an industry.
    • Representation of CSP in government policy making bodies regarding national policies on Information Technology.
    • Special incentives for computers in education.
    • Tax holidays and other incentives for computer manufacturing.
    • Pre-Shipment inspection problems faced by computer importers.
    • Formation of working groups and study circles on various issues.

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